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Molecular biology and genetics

Our department offers development of complex solutions according to the desire of customers and for effective, qualitative and timely implementation of set tasks. We offer various products and services for scientific researches, medicine and biotechnology. Devices are delivered from warehouse within exactly agreed term according to the order. Occupational training of the specialist working in the department of biotechnological devices enables us to have equipped laboratories providing molecular-genetic examinations by applying DNA sequence analysis, (capillary electrophoresis), sequence analysis by logging (SOLiD), polymerase chain reaction, technologies of polymerase chain reaction in “real time”. We are ready to provide assistance in the selection of equipment and research methods and complete equipment of laboratory corresponding to international standards. We install and provide hardware and software, introduce method, train our employees and provide further methodological assistance. Our customers are scientific-research centers, institutes and universities, training centers, molecular-biological, biochemical, microbiological laboratories, sanitary-and-epidemiologic supervisory centers, quality and security control laboratories, laboratories of forensic medicine, centers of expertise and criminalistics, diagnostic laboratories, big and small companies working in the field of pharmaceutical and food industry.