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About company

Company “ABM MEDICAL” LTD is one of the fast developing and trustworthy company on the market of laboratory equipment of Georgia. Our principal activity is introduction of advanced laboratory equipment, preparation and implementation of integrated solutions for our country’s laboratories. “Integrated solution” means combined equipment of laboratory with specialized and laboratory device, laboratory furniture, vessels, accessories and active storage; methodical assistance, service (warranty and non-warranty), training of laboratory personnel at the base of customer and our training center; projection, construction, introduction of information management system of laboratory, assistance in issuing all essential permission documents and state accreditation. We productively cooperate with various laboratories working in the field of environment protection, court, agriculture food industry, medical and pharmaceutical industry, also with various scientific and research institutes, bodies of quality and standardization control, international organizations and funds. Unquestionable competitive advantage of our group is comprehension of principal goals set to our customers and their most effective and favorable decision making. On the one hand it is enabled by great professionalism of our employees and on the other hand by our trustworthy suppliers, advanced foreign producers of materials, among them world-famous brands - Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, GIBCO, Neogen, Macherey Nagel and others. Specialists of our company have carried out many great projects that deserved the best assessment of many corporate clients and governmental departments. We know and comprehend the tasks faced by our customers and attentively supervise development of the market of advanced laboratory technology, as soon as possible try to introduce the newest techniques in daily activity of laboratory; we are always ready to completely assist our partners and customers in integrated and complex solution of their set tasks. We offer to our customers the flexible schemes of supply and payment and are always ready for the review of various mutually useful conditions that will favor implementation of each project. We invite everybody for cooperation wishing prompt and efficient development of laboratory market and introduction of advanced equipments in laboratories.